Paraglide Fly Guiding - Individual Courses, Coaching & Training

Are you an aspiring pilot, a newly qualified pilot or have hours already logged then why not try our Paraglide fly guiding to help you deveolp your skills,
Individual courses
This is a course based on the learning pricipals of most other aeronautical sport; Learning how to fly by flying the "aircraft" together on Tandem with an instructor.
No previous experience is necessary and this is a perfect course for complete beginners or a great activity adventure holiday.
Day 1 - 2: During the first two days, you will make a number of important flights under a tandem paraglider together with your instructor, who will explain directly to you what is happening and step by step let you take control of the controls and steering.
In addition you will of course receive the necessary theory and learn the basics: Inflating, controling and steering your wing on a trainning hill.
Day 3 - Depending on your progress, you will make your first flights from one of our training hills
Price: 990€
The prices includes:
  • Tuition from instructors with a state diploma BEES 1 st degree
  • Dual instructor coaching for your solo flights.
  • Flying equipment (glider, harness with back protection, helmet, radio, rescue parachute).
Please note that any Half-days not done are not invoiced.
Any English clients wishing to learn will be required to join the French Paragliding Scheme.  We do not offer courses under the BHPA scheme but with the French FFVL organisation.
The prices do not include
  • Licence & insurance (RCA obligatory: 27  € student week insurance or 42 € for the year,basic option) or the  FFVL’s licence (32 € for the year) if you already have a RCA (you must provide us with a copy).  
  • Medical and Repatrication insurance which is highly recommended for any non-french clients
  • Lift ticket to reach the take off (current price €12)
  • Accommodation.  
  • Chamonix paragliding club card of adhesion (30 €) facultative.
Personal Equipment
Sport clothes (no shorts, long tee-shirts with long sleeves), warm clothes for the flight, hiking shoes, light gloves, sunglasses.
Fly Guiding & Coaching
We offer fly a fly guiding service for all qualified pilots who are looking to develop their skills.

As a pilot, whether you have 2 or 200+ hours, our paragliding "Fly Guiding" service is just for you.  We have a variety of take off sites available so we can ensure you get the opportunity to maximise the number of hours you fly whilst you are with us.  Our knowledge of the Chamonix Valley and surrounding areas means we can shuttle you around the most suitable sites according to the conditions and your experience.

If you are a low airtime pilot looking to improve your skills post CP or Para 2/3, we can offer Thermalling tuition and XC guiding.  We also offer coaching for those new to flying Alpine sites to maximise your enjoyment and time in the air.

Experience level: From post CP / Para2/3 to 1000+ hours!

What can we expect? Variety of launches, fantastic panorama, Instruction from some of the top French pilots

Objective of your time with us: Increase your airtime, build your confidence, introduction to Alpine and high altitude flying

What we offer: Thermalling coaching, XC coaching including retrive, launch and landing coaching - we tailor our time with you to make sure you get the maximum benefit from our fly guiding service!

Sites we typically use (according to your ability): Brevent, Plan de Aguille, Aiguille du Midi, Grands Montets Plaine Joux, Les Houches, Annecy,

What do you need to bring? Complete paragliding kit including radio, reserve and vario.

When is the best time to come? We offer fly guiding all year although we recommend April to September when the weather is usually better!

Price: €360 per day (up to 4 pilots)

Price does not include accomodation or airport transfers.  Chamonix offers a variety of accomodation from Camping to 5* hotels. We are happy to recommend accomodation if required.

Flying above Chamonix and surrounding areas with radio contact from our instructors


Fly Guiding on Aiguille du Midi - Click the picture to see our short video:

Please email us and we can create a tailor made package for you according to your skills and capability