Climb Mont Blanc with a Mountain Guide in Chamonix

Mont-Blanc Ascent:
Every week from mid-June until mid October.
Mont Blanc, highest peak of Europe, is without a doubt, the most breathtaking and beautiful mountain in the world and every year many mountaineers ascend this famous peak.
Under-estimated by many people, the ascent is a relatively simple snow route, but requires a high level of physical fitness for a long high altitude ascent! Due to the altitude and the length of the climb, we never declare the ascent to be easy. The summit day, the ascent and descent requires 10 to 12 hours of continuous effort! Climbing Mont-Blanc is not only hikking but Alpinism ! A mountain guide can take only maximum 2 persons on his rope for Gouter Route and only one for Cosmiques Route !
Due to the global warming and all the rapid change of conditions in the high mountains in summer, most of the mountain guides want now to organise the Mont-Blanc ascent in 3 days, for security reasons…
3 Days Mont-Blanc ascent Itinerary:
First day: Cable car from Les Houches to Bellevue train station, then take the TMB train to Nid d’Aigle, followed by Hiking to Tête Rousse Mountain Hut.
Dinner, Night & Breakfast at Tête Rousse.
Second day: Early start for Mont-Blanc ascent. Climb the gouter ridge and cross the dangerous 'Gouter Corridor’  early morning when the conditions are at their best to avoid as much as possible the risk of rock avalanches. Mont-Blanc ascent followed by descent with a night at Gouter Mountain Hut.
Third day: Early start from Gouter Hut to climb down the gouter ridge and cross the dangerous  'Gouter Corridor’  early morning when the conditions are at their best to avoid as much as possible the risk of rock avalanches. Hike down to Nid D’aigle to take the TMB train to Bellevue Station, followed by gondolas to Les Houches
For all Mont-Blanc ascent on this route: the Mountain Guide UIAGM will lead 2 persons maximum on his rope, for safety reasons and for more chance to reach the summit !
Price: 1700€ Mountain Guide UIAGM fees. Total price for 1 or 2 persons

2 Days Mont-Blanc ascent Itinerary: Possible only if the Guide in charge of the ascent judge that the conditions of the mountains (temperatures, snow cover) allowed this ascent with good security
1/ Mont-Blanc 2 Days Ascent “normal route”, by “Gouter hut”:
1st day: Les Houches and the Nid d'Aigle (2372m) ascent to the Gouter hut (3819m - 4/6h).
2nd day: by the Dome du Gouter, the Vallot hut (4362m) and "l'arête des Bosses"(4/6h) and 6 hours descent
Price:1350€ Mountain Guide UIAGM fees same price for 1 or 2 persons
For all Mont-Blanc ascent on this route: A Mountain Guide UIAGM will lead 2 persons maximum on his rope, for safety reasons and for more chance to reach the summit !

3/ Traverse of Mont-Blanc, by "Tacul and Maudit summits" 2 days
1st day: Cable-car to the Aiguille du Midi and night at the Cosmiques hut (3610m-45mn).
2nd day: Ascent of Mt Blanc du Tacul, then the shoulder of Mt Maudit (4280m), the Brenva pass and the summit of Mt-Blanc (5/7h). Please note depending on the risk of ice or snow avalanches this route is sometimes impossible during some summer period.
Price: 1450€ Mountain Guide UIAGM fees; Since many years the mountains on this side change a lot... So the mountain guide will take only 1 person with him on that route for safety reasons...

For this acsent the Mountain Guide can take only Alpinist with good skills with crampons and ice axe and good experience in mountaineering !
These prices: does not include the cost for any lift tikets, mountain hut accomodation and any rental charges for mountain equipment. The price for mountain hutt, half-board for 1 client and 1 mountain guide UIAGM is around 150€
Requirements: Physical condition: The ascent of Mont Blanc should be taken seriously with the necessary physical training and preparation, ideal at least 2 or 3 month before !
Experience:  Experience in moutaineering (summer or winter) and skills & experience using crampons and an ice axe is compulsery !
Technical Equipment:
Real mountain boots with rigid soles suitable for crampons, gaiters, harness, ice axe, crampons, helmet, head lamp, good sun glasses high protection, goggles (all equipment available for rent in sports shops: We are able to offer discount through our partner shop in chamonix on any rental equipment you require)
Lodging: During Mont-blanc ascent, in a mountain hut: like Têter Rousse, Goûter, or Cosmiques:  where blankets are provided, with dinner and breakfast. Don’t forget drinks, picnic, and energy bars for 2/3 days-
(the lunch of the first day could be taken on our way in “Tête Rousse” mountain hut at 3167m)
Fitness: To make a successful ascent of Mont Blanc you need good acclimatisation, cardiovascular fitness and plenty of stamina as the summit day will involve 10-12 hours climbing at high altitude.  Therefore we advise you to prepare well in advance with 5-7 full days out in the mountains and other regular exercise to ensure you are fully acclimatised ready to make a summit bid.

3/ Mont-Blanc trainning & ascent. 5 Days Courses
2/3 days training, and Mont Blanc ascent...
Every week from mid-June until September. According to your own schedule if you are already 2 persons.
Full training in use of crampons and ice axe is provided at the start of the course. Some rock climbing experience is useful for those non experienced climbers. During the course you will be taught necessary ropework and skills: how to improve your balance and the ability to move quickly and efficiently over broken mountain terrain.
This course is focused on you summitting Mont Blanc! It may be possible to ascend other summits and spend an additional night in the mountain hut at altitude to increase acclimatisation prior to the ascent of Mont Blanc.It is an unforgettable experience to reach the summit and you will test the skills you have learnt along the way.
Price : 1650€/pers. (this price is for a minimum of 2 pers.)
This price includes: Mountain guiding service, lift tickets (cable-car & cog-train) & accommodation at the Gouter mountain hut only during the Mont-Blanc ascent (Evening meal, bed and breakfast)
or Aiguille du Midi lift and Cosmiques Hut

This price does not include accommodation in Chamonix or any additional lift tickets and other nights in the mountain hut during your training and on the descent from Mont-Blanc (if this is needed).
Like that it gives us more freedom to organise the training days, everywhere it will be the best during these days, in Mont-Blanc massif or in Italie
According to the variable conditions of the high mountains, it could be necessary to book a first night at Tête Rousse Mountain.
Price/person: Evening meal, bed and breakfast= 92€/pers.
All necessay mountain equipment: we are able to offer 20% discount through our partner shop in Chamonix on any rental equipment you require.
4/ Discovery Glacier trekking day or Mont-Blanc one day refresher trainning day:
Full training in use of crampons and ice axe is provided at the start of the course. Strap on your crampons for a scenic stomp acroos the frosty wasteland knwon as mer de Glace, France’s largest glacier, before attempting to climb a wall of ice! Wearing crampons and roped up for glacier travel, you can trek through some of the most breathtaking glaciers in Europe: the Mer de Glace, the glacier d'Argentière and so many other beautiful places to discover around Mont-Blanc! 
(Available as a trainning for Mont-Blanc ascent only for people with previous mountaineering exeprience)
Price: 400€ for a whole day programm (1 to 3 persons + 30 € per extra person, max = 6 pax only on Mer de glace)
If you need: you will have to rent the Mont-Blanc altitude kit with high-mountain boots suitable for crampons and ice axe (discount with our sport shop partner in Chamonix)

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