Heli-Ski, Heli-snowboarding around Chamonix: Spots and Rates

Your 3 bladed taxi will whisk you away to virgin mountains and untouched slopes, far from the crowd and busy lift queues.  The best snow we can offer in the Alps will be at your finger tips and under your feet.
Heliskiing is in fact not allowed in France, but due to Chamonix being in the border of both Switzerland and Italy, we can simply drive over the border into Switzerland of Italy, where we have access to some breathtaking summits which are heaven for Heliskiing.

East of the Mont-Blanc range we take the helicopter close to Vallorcine:
Only 30 minutes from Chamonix by car. The helicopter whisks us to the landing at Trient plateau at “Col des Plines” 3300m !
One flight, one long downhill:
One flight and landing at the Plateau du Trient 3300m, After flying in the breathtaking views, we experience an exhilarating downhill run down the North Face of Trient glacier. An area only accessible by Helicopter which provides excellent snow conditions... We finish skiing around 1300m at Trient village
Rates: 450€/per person. This price is based on a group of 4 persons.
Program with 2 Flights:
Some of the best spots for Héliskiing around Chamonix with long flight and long downhill with most of the time fresh snow on the north and east side !!
-First downhill : 3 choices...
1:  By “Combe d’Orny glacier” and Orny valley finishing close to Orsières
2 : By “Saleina Glacier” finishing at Praz-de-Fort
3 : By “Ravines Rousses” glacier finishing at Praz-de-Fort
For downhill N°2 & N°3 we have to take a Taxi-Van to the next heli Launch area of Orcières(not include in the price)
-Second downhill:
By “Trient” glacier: until the little village of Trient 1300m. Then back to Finhault from where we start in the morning, with our car or taxi (5mn)
Please note all the Taxi prices are not include in the prices below
Total cost per person with: 1 heli flight and Mountain Guide service

3 clients: 500€ per person 4 clients: 450€ per person  5 clients: 420€ per person  6 clients: 400€ per person
Total cost per person with: 2 héli flight and Mountain Guide service
3 clients: 800€ per person  4 clients: 730€ per person  5 clients: 710€ per person  6 clients: 690€ per person

2/ LE CHABLE / VERBIER: Located 50 minutes from Chamonix.
Le Petit Combin 3670m, and the Rosablanche 3336m are the primary landing spots when flying from Verbier.
A/ Petit Combin:
First choice: Descent in direction of the Grand Combin (4314 m). A first hike (50m change in altitude) and then a second one (60m change in altitude) in a couloir leads us to the Col de la Panossière.(3549m)
The descent takes place on the Glacier de Boveire, first on a north facing slope, then a west facing down to the village of Bourg Saint Pierre.(1500m)
Second choice: is to ski directly from the top on the ”Glacier des Follats” then  onto the “Glacier de Corbasssières”.  At the end of the glacier we have to ski up or to walk up around 20mn/30mn before skiing down to the lovely small village of Fionnay, where it's good to have a late lunch with Swiss specialities...
Total cost per person with: 1 heli flight, 1 long downhill and Mountain Guide service (with all security equipments)
Price: 3 clients: 520€ per person  4 clients: 470€ per person  5 clients: 440€ per person  6 clients: 420€ per person

B/ Rosablanche 3336m and Ski tour by the famous 4 Vallées with introduction to ski touring
Descent on the perfect north slopes of the glacier of Prafleuri in direction of the mountain hut at 2662m, then throught the wild Combe de Prafleuri
We will have to climb up 150m with our ski touring to a small plateau( around 20/30mn), to ski down next to the huge dam of lac des Dix
Then down to the tiny village of Pralong at 1600m where we have to take a Bus 5chf/pers. to the ski resort of THYON-LES MASSES Ski Pass 4 vallées 70chf.
We will have to come back to Verbier-Le Châble by travelling all along the 4 vallées, Thyon/Veysonnaz/Siviez/Verbier then down to le Châble by the gondolas...Price: 3 clients: 520€ per person  4 clients: 470€ per person  5 clients: 440€ per person  6 clients: 420€ per person
Please note:
- The vertical drop for all heli-flights and downhill in Swiss are more significant than in Italy: it's why the prices are different
- For all Heli-flights, depending on the descent route and the finishing location transfer by minibus taxi may be required. The cost of this is not included in the prices above. Estimated charge for this is 50€ to 100€ for a group.

Departure from the Helicopter base of Sion airport (1hour driving from Chamonix). We take off for a great flight to land near the Matterhorn on the Pigne d'Arolla at 3790m, after a magnificent view of the Northern Alps, beautiful descent of 1800m in altitude towards the Val d'Arolla where will fly with our partner HeliAlpes for another summit: Rosablanche 3336m then a long and easy descent towards Siviez/Nandaz.
(Please note: we come back to Sion airport, where we took the helicopter in the morning by Taxi = 180€, duration trip 1 hour)
A beautiful program with 2 beautiful summits and downhills, one of the most beautiful program Heliski our catalog !

2 flights and 2 descents
3 customers = 820€ / pers. 4 customers = 760€ / pers. 5 customers = 680€ / pers. 6 customers = 660€ / pers.
Choice number 2: Flight on Pigne d'Arolla 3790m and descent from this summit to Arolla for end of ski
3 customers = 520€ / pers. 4 customers = 470€ / pers. 5 customers = 440€ / pers. 6 customers = 420€ / pers.

We will take the Taxi to return to Sion after a day or you'll remember for ever ! (Taxi Price about 150 €, duration 40mn)

1/ VALGRISENCHE: located 1h15 minutes from Chamonix
Due to its excellent snow conditions and variety of terrain, Valgrisenche is often referred to as a miniature Canadian Rockies, nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps. Valgrisenche offers a unique combination of Heliski thrill and classic European Alpine ambiance.  Located on the Italian-French border parallel with Val d'Isere, Valgrisenche offers around 15 drop-off points between 3200m and 3500m, and a choice of over 100 different descents with a vertical drop of between 1500m. and 2100m!
Excellent snow conditions and huge open spaces makes Valgrisenche a real paradise for off piste skiers and snowboarders .
It is situated in one of the most beautiful regions of the Alps and is surrounded by over 30 of the highest peaks in the European Alps, amongst which one can easily spot Mont Blanc, Gran Combin, Matterhorn, Mt. Rosa, Gran Paradiso and many more.
Total cost per person with 2 héli flights and Mountain Guide service 
3 clients: 880€ per person  4 clients: 640€ per person
2/ COURMAYEUR: 20/30 minutes from Chamonix !
Heliskiing day:Transfer to Italy by Mont-Blanc tunnel and then taking the Helicopter to Val Veni, 4,100 ft.
- First flight:
We take the helicopter to one of the three drop zones chosen by your Guide. According to the best snow conditions you will be dropped at either the Scie Pass 11,896 ft,  Trélatête pass 12,007 ft or the Glaciers peak 12,158 ft. Whichever drop zone we take, your will experience the breathtaking beauty of the Mont Blanc Massif.  The first descent will be around 5,200 to 5,500 vertical feet arriving at "Combal lake", where the helicopter is waiting for us for the second run !
- Second flight: 
We take the helicopter to Mont Fortin, 9,222 ft.  This second descent follows the North Face of Mount Fortin and is often covered with fresh deep powder snow. Please note that the start of this summit is pretty steep ! After a descent of 4,200 vertical feet to the Italian resort of Zerotta, we will join Courmayeur ski area. If we choose to have lunch here we are able to call the snowmobile to pull us to the restaurant "Le Petit-Mont-Blanc”.  If you want to continue to ski/snowboard in the afternoon, it is possible to go off-piste skiing in Courmayeur.  We aim to be back at the Helicopter take off location 4.30 pm.
Total cost per person with two héli flights, and Mountain Guide service
Price: 3 clients: 670€ per person   4 clients: 540€ per person
For this location we recomend 2  héli-flights, as we finish the first downhill in the middle of the mountains.  If we only do one heli-flight there is a long flat walk back to the resort of Courmayeur (around 30 minutes)

3/ LA  THUILE: 40mn from Chamonix
La Thuile is an ideal resort to discover heliski for beginners !!
La Thuile offers a great combination of  long open runs, good off piste and some exhilarating black runs. The linked slopes provide fabulous cross-border skiing to La Rosiere in France set against the breathtaking backdrop of Mont Blanc.
Special introduction program: one flight and one long downhill
Starting in Italy, we land close to the summit of Mont Ruitor at 3486m. We take a  long run trip to join the typical old savoyard village of la Rosière at an altitude of 1850m. We enjoy a fine lunch facing Les Arcs ski resort in Tarentaise and then ski back to La Thuile crossing the french "La Rosière" ski resort !
Total cost per person with: 1 héli flight and Mountain Guide service
Price: 3 clients 500€ per person   4 clients: 470€ per person

All day Heliskiing with: 2 flights and 2 downhill and Mountain Guide service
Starting in the Italian resort of La Thuile and “Petit Saint-Bernard pass”
we take a long flight to reach a landing close to Top of Ruitor 3486m, then ski the north side till the “Lac du Glacier”2400m.  Our second flight takes us to summits like Mont Fréduaz 2900m, Miravidi 3065m or Mont Ouille 3099m. After a picnic, or nice lunch in a typical restaurant, we finish skiing in the Italian ski resort of La Thuile.
Total cost per person with 2 héli flights and Mountain Guide service
3 clients: 690€ per person  4 clients: 640€ per person

Please note: Minimum rates for all Heliski program
- The rates for 1 or 2 clients will be like the total amount for 3 persons
- ABS safety bag are mandatory: you can rent them from our sport shop partner with 20% of discount = 25€/day

For all Heliski day activities the guide will provide all the security equipment: like harness, snow transciever, shovel, probe(if necessary.
Your Mountain Guide will do everything possible to make this day a success, but it is impossible to guarantee the quality of the snow... Safety is always our primary goal. Your Guide is there for that but please note the risks associated with off-piste skiing and snowboarding. Remember, with Helski we do not take regular groomed pistes - we ride in the high mountains, off-piste & mostly on glaciers...

All these programs are a general guideline for the day trip.
The guide UIAGM heliski specialist, alone can decide and apply changes in the program during the day, according to weather and terrain conditions, skiers physical condition and skills.
Its always better to have appropriate travel insurance that covers you for Heliski and off-piste ski activites.
Prices are subject to change without notice

More information on Availability, Prices & Booking:
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