Paragliding Tandem Flights in Chamonix, Summer and Winter activity

The Mont-Blanc region is certainly the most beautiful playground to try tandem paragliding flight ! You will without doubt, retain intense and moving memories of your flight in this amazing valley.
We can fly tandem for beginners without any previous experience all year long in Chamonix, summer and winter !
Paragliding: developed from parachuting canopies, modern paragliders can be soared effortless on windward slopes and across country in good wind conditions...
If you've ever wonderd what it would be like to soar like a bird and experience total silence, then tandem parapente is for You ! Strapped to a qualified instructor( state diploma finally realise man's oldest dream and discover the simple pleasure of a tandem paragliding-flight. Easy and safety flight above Chamonix Valley, the best way to discover Mont-Blanc massif ! with plenty of photo opportunities, this trip will leave you with fanatstic memories to take away...
This is an activity for everybody, children, adults, without any particular knowledges.
No previous experience is necessary for all the classic tandem flights!
Launching?:Your active participation, with a short run, will be necessary for the take-off along a gentle slope, the wing lifts us off the ground (there is no sensation of falling). In fact, a good launch feels similar to an airplane taking off.
The flight?: just relax in a very comfortable sit-harness and enjoy an amazing view facing the highest moutains of Europe! You will have your hands free and if you want you can take photos or video...The amazement of this flight will also be for you the opportunity to learn the basics of piloting. Indeed, if you want, you will be able to pilot a little, by taking the brakes under the careful advice of your teacher.
Touchdown and landing? Your active participation, with a short run, will be necessary for the landing which is easy and generally gentle, according to the valley wind, and you will need a short run for a couple of meters...
So don't wait to try unforgettable sensations to discover differently the more spectacular mountains of the Alps, with a full qualified instructor, tandem flight specialist.
Pilot leader: Franck Chapon Former member of the French Paragliding Team !
30 years of Paragliding experience in Chamonix and all other the world !
What is it like to fly?  Check out our Tandem Flight from Brevent 2000m
1/ Introductory tandem Flight: summer & winter
Brévent 2000m or Plan de l’Aiguille 2317m
Duration of the activity: 1h00/1h30mn
Flight time: 15 to 30 minutes in the air, depending upon aerological conditions...
Equipment: Hiking boots or trainners, a light windbreaker jacket, sun glasses.
--Brévent midway station: “Planpraz” (summer & winter launch aera)
Altitude 2000m  = 130€ + Lift-ticket =16€  (in winter it's include in your skipass)
We can offer pictures and video of your flight extra cost: 30€
--Midway station of Aiguille du Midi: “Plan de l’Aiguille”
(spring and autumn launch aera)
Altitude 2300m = 150€
Lift-Ticket = 18€ (in winter it's include in your skipass)​
We can offer pictures and video of your flight extra cost: 30€
General time you should expect to do the trip?
In Summer Brévent: Morning - Winter All day long
Plan de L’aiguille: Mid day & Afternoon . Please note that it is not allowed to fly from that spot in July & August
2/ Special Flight: Cross Country flights of long duration
For a wonderfull and amazing trip above the mountains to give you an incredible feeling: beeing in another world...
Let’s go joining eagles kingdom !This sort of cross country flight is possible only if we have enough strong thermals to lift up high in the sky (most of time, end of morning and beginning afternoon in spring and summer season !) It is why the flight times shown here are always approximate as it depends, generally, upon the degree of sunshine and the snow cover on the mountainside.
Between 45mn to 1h00 flying...
Price: 260€ (if we fly less than 30mn you will pay the price of a standard flight + the duration of the flight)
Lift Ticket = 16€ (please note in winter it's included in your skipass)We can offer pictures and video of your flight extra cost: 30€ 
For all the tandem flights:
Discounts 5% to 10% for Groups & Families...
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