Vallée Blanche, Glacier Skiing with Mountain Ski-Snowboard Guide


Engage a local Chamonix Mountain Ski Guide to ride the famous Vallée Blanche. This descent is a total off-piste ski route!  A 23km downhill including 19km on glaciers, a vertical descent of 2800m and a variety of terrain. Starting at the top of Aiguille du Midi 3800m, the route continues along an unmarked route through the peaks of the Mont Blanc Massif, glaciers and the wilderness before finishing in the Chamonix valley.  There are a number of different routes including access from the Italian side, this providing a great variety of ski downhill, ski terrain and fantastic scenery.


Skiing or Snowboarding the Vallee Blanche is one of those memorable "ski-life" experiences that you will never forget!
Before the skiing starts you will be harnessed by rope with your Mountain Guide UIAGM to descend the narrow snow ridge equipped with fixed ropes, when peak season after end of january, to a wide plateau where you can put your skis/snowboard on.
There are a number of different skiable routes on the Vallée Blanche, the classic easy route through to the most challenging! Your guide will select the route according to the technical level of the group and the snow conditions of the day.  This means the Vallée Blanche can be a great experience for many people from expert skiers to those who may be looking to improve their off piste skills.
To ski or snowboard the Vallée Blanche is a full day experience with a short stop for a picnic or a traditional mountain lunch at the cosy mountain hut located in the middle of the downhill. You will be accompanied by a UIAGM fully qualified Mountain Guide who, from his/her professional experience and local knowledge, will choose the appropriate route enabling you to enjoy the magnificent scenery in maximum security.
We can also offer you a Vallée Blanche experience accompanied by a Mountain Guide / Ski Instructor who can provide technical coaching during the day. Unlike some schools, we are happy to take both Skiers and Snowboarders down the Vallée Blanche.
The Vallée Blanche is skiable from end of  December to May, depending on the weather and snow conditions.
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Minimum Technical Level Required:
 Skiers or Snowboarders must be able to comfortably ski red and black pistes, control their speed, sideslip, ski at a safe speed and follow in tracks. Having an off-piste skiing experience is better but we are able to offer you a Mountain Guide-Ski Instructor who can coach you along the route to maximise your enjoyment and enable you to improve your skills!

Although most part of the "classic route” look like a Red run, the snow conditions of the day will determinate the difficulty.
  If you are an expert skier, please do not think the Vallee Blanche is only an easy route ! Your guide will select the route according to your ability and some routes can be very technically challenging.

The spring season (March & April) is more adapt to those with less skiing experience as we typically experience spring snow conditions making the route much easier to ski.
We can offer a one day off-piste training for those who do not have experience off piste or skiing with fat skis.
Technical level: Intermediate to advanced skiers/snowbaorders according to the snow conditions of the day. You do need to be physically fit and able to ski for a sustained period ! 
Equipment: We recommend the new free-ride fat skis, which allow you to ski easily, with more facilities and less tiring, even in difficult, irregular snow conditions. It is possible to rent them and it's recommended to book them ahead of time with us...
We provide all safety equipment: harness, avalanche transceiver, and all other utilities security equipment (exept crampons if needed: like at the beginning of the winter season when the ridge is icy and not already equiped with the big fix ropes on both side)
We recommend for each skier to have a rucksack to attach the skis to climb down the ridge with more comfort and to help carry your personal belongings e.g. lsmall bottle of water, energy bars, drinks, a sandwich...
(we can provide a rucksack from our partner JackWolfskin if you do not have a rucksack with you)
Special Privilege: For all peak period like end of February, March: we can book for you priority access at the cable car so that you don’t have to wait a long time for free places in the cable car during those busy periods.
Bad weather: Your safety is our priority, so in the case of bad weather for "Vallée Blanche", your Guide will be happy to suggest an alternative off-piste day, for example, a good off-piste experience on the glaciers on the back of the Grands-Montets resort, or a great day off-piste in the nice  italian ski resort of Courmayeur (included in MBU ski pass)


The daily rate may be divided by the number of skiers in your group:
- Vallee Blanche with UIAGM Mountain Guide:
€380 per group from 1 up to 4 pers.(one same price)+ €30 per additional  person until a maximum of 6-8 people per a Guide.

Until end of January = €420 (according to the ridge equipment between 1 to 2 pers. for 1guide, crampons rental  mandatory, skis have to be attach on a ruck sac to climb down the ridge, we can provide some...)
Please note: For all extra runs in Chamonix resort after Vallée Blanche downhill + 50€ for the group

- Vallee Blanche with UIAGM Mountain Guide/Ski Instructor, with technical coaching:
€420 per group from 1 up to 4 pers.(one same price)+ €40 per additional  person until a maximum of 6-8 people per a Guide.
Please note: For all extra runs in Chamonix resort after Vallée Blanche downhill +50€ for the group

- Vallee Blanche trainning day: Off-piste, Back country with a Mountain Guide/Ski Instructor with technical coaching
€420 per group from 1 to 4 pers.(one same price)+ €40 per additional  person until a maximum of 6-8 people per a Guide.
8 person  group is possible, if the skiers or snowboarders have a similar technichal level or/and easy snow conditions, or are all people expert level.

Please note: our prices are per day for the total group - so just one price regardless if there is 1 person or 4 people.
All our High Mountain Guide UIAGM are fully qualified with the State French Diploma, full insurance and speak English !
The cable car ticket is not included in this price. If you have a “Mont-Blanc Unlimited” skipass then your will not need to buy any additional ticket.

More information on Availability, Prices & Booking:
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